It all started when…


it was no longer ok to encounter youth who couldn't see much hope past their filthy-trash-picking stained hands. Twelve yr. olds whose vision was lost in the noise of work at local tea-houses & factories. We knew more was possible, so we set out to build and develop the possibilities.


Because for the last 60+ years the people of Burma have been uprooted from their land and forced to survive elsewhere. The result, a young generation searching for their roots, while struggling to exist in foreign lands. 

In early 2015, we set out to find a location that would allow us the opportunity to build and develop a creative educational space,  Seeds Space, for young dreamers to grow in. We've been working long and hard to see this space turn into the incubator of dreams we imagined it to be. In October 2016, we introduced young local artists to our music classroom & studio, and in 2017 our general classrooms & recreation area was complete. 



Thanks to the support of our incredible donors, we have completed the next phase of development. An expanded main hall will allow us to better meet the diverse programatic needs within Seeds.