Ministry Accountant Assistant

One of our ministries, Braverly, is in need of an accountant to help manage funding and resources.  

Product Development Assistant

(in Country)

One of our ministries, Braverly, is in need of an assistant to come alongside the development of products.  This role is everything from helping to develop product to errand running.


Outreach Coordinator Assistant

Ministry Development Assistant

Media Creative Assistant (in Country)

Come help and further develop our outreach program!



An assistant to develop a new ministry that assists in helping infants at high risk here on the border.  This role will consist of developing, brainstorming, secretarial type administrative work, and fundraising for the project.  This is an internship that can be up to 90 days, but is a full time position that OutPour Movement is looking for in the future.  



OutPour Movement is in need of a media creative assistant to come alongside our Creative Director.  This role is everything from videography to website upkeep.